March 30th, 2012

It is with great pride and pleasure I am sharing a ‘few’ of the many wonderful emails I have received from my lovely clients over the past year… I’ll continue to post more as they arrive in my inbox with each newly created piece, so please keep checking back…

~ Fair of Face ~

Dear Lisa,
I have received the lovely Bethanne today, she is already in my house.
She is exactly as I expected, she is very pretty I love the dress.
I always look at your blog and website to see what you are making.
Kirsten (Denmark)

~ A Labour of Love ~

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for the lovely quilt. I am sooo pleased with it and its JUST what I imagined!! So countryish and just right for an attic room. I can’t believe how small the squares are and so many it looks beautiful and it is certainly unique. No others like it. Colours are so Austen and so much better in real life. I am chuffed and a very satisfied customer as always.
Lots of love Elaine xx

~ Tuesday’s child ~

Hi Lisa
My exquisite doll arrived safely (and so beautifully packaged) today. You are so clever. She is so beautiful.
I am sure that she will be lonely in the house all on her own so please can you make my next doll when you have time? I think we agreed the cook would be next. No pressure at all as I am sure that your excellent work is highly demanded.
Many many thanks for the first of many!
Very best wishes Sylvie x

~ A Letter From Father ~

Dearest Lisa,
I received a notice that there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office. With jittery excitement I retrieved the package and came home to open it. The mother and daughter have arrived and are sitting up on a shelf so that I can see them often before they go into their conservatory. I love, love them. Loving faces and true tenderness.
My dearest friend you are an extraordinary miniature doll artist. The wee rosebuds on the dress are gorgeous! You have made their story believable they are reading a letter from their beloved husband and father who is away in the Great War 1914-1918. There is a longing in the mother’s eyes as she shows her precious daughter the letter from her daddy. Love. Love. Love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dear caring work.
Love Sue

~ Violet, Alice & Edward ~

Dear Lisa,
The best part of today was the news that customs released your parcel and it was waiting for me at the post office after I finished work. It is the best thing ever to get two parcels from you in one week!
It is like Christmas.
Receiving two dolls from you not only gave me the enjoyment of your pure talent but also your diversity. Lisa, I was so pleasantly surprised with Violet. In this case the photo’s do not show all your hours of fine work. The hat is too exquisite, the choice of earrings, the most beautifully painted face of an older lady, the wrinkles next to her eyes unbelievable. I will be able to write a whole essay just on her face alone. Her arrival got a few moments of absolute silence.
The dress is just incredible I don’t know how you do it, the draping and the fine work under the dress that you always give attention to. Her shoulder line, the way you posed her to sit with one hand which you sculpted to embrace the cane like a glove. Her addition to Peacock Park is a like a Royal event. That is the feeling I get when I look at her. I cannot be more happier than what I am now.
Oh yes and the way she holds the lace handkerchief.
Thank you.
To see how beautifully you capture old age is one thing but the beauty and innocence of youth by you just underlines your fine and sensitive talent for creating dolls – I am speechless. You must be blowing the doll magic sprinkles with a little doll wand – the one that consists of hours of artistic dedication. The slippers, they are very cute and beautifully made. Her face is unbelievable. So real and perfected to another level. They really DO look like REAL little humans. I love all the fine detail and the white fabric is beautiful. By the way the fabric of Violet’s dress was chosen by an expert eye.
This message comes to you filled with appreciation and happiness from me. I will take pics tomorrow so you could see them settled in. PP would be an empty shell without your dolls Lisa.
I wish I could get a parcel from you every week.
From Francois.

~ Anne of Green Gables ~

Dearest Lisa
It was such a surprise when the post office said that they indeed had a little parcel for me today. I knew as soon as I saw the little parcel appearing from the back room, it was Anne, beloved Anne of Green Gables. She is so special – another dream of mine to have an Anne one day came true today.
The face is so real, I can almost hear her talk and the delicate painting leave me shaking my head as I cannot believe how you have captured the character’s kindred spirit in your doll.
Her costume, her hair with the naturally tied ribbons and the polished boots are beautifully done.
You posed her so perfect it is like I can see her sitting at the station waiting for Matthew to come and pick her up. The attention to detail in the bag naturally sitting on her lap is just incredible.
Lisa, you never ever take short cuts
and your attention to detail is just magnificent.
You made my Wednesday.
Thank you for another piece of art. How lucky I am to have these treasures from you.
Kindest Regards

~ Jane ~

Dear Lisa,
My Jane has arrived, she is more beautiful in reality than in photos. She met up with Elizabeth and Darcy and a happyily ensconsed in the foyer of the art gallery. I have taken photos for you, but have not had time to upload them to my computer as yet. As soon as I figure that out I will send them to you.
Thank you so much she is beautiful and I am thrilled.

~ The Crib in Situ ~

Dear Lisa,
As promised, I am pleased to show you pictures of the crib and your dolls in situ, they look just as I imagined them to look in the Nursery.
Nanny has taken Baby out of the cot and is handing him to an Aunt who has just come visiting. As always the clothes are so beautifully made with such detail. Both the figures have a gentle warmth in their expressions creating absolutely the right atmosphere in a child’s Nursery. I am so pleased as always.
Love Elaine

~ Regency Crib ~

Hi Lisa
Thank you so much for the beautifully dressing in the cot. It looks so cosy and baby warm!
I love the touch of the shawl draping over the side.
I love all your work and am always pleased.
How do you fancy doing a bed? Not fancy! Have you any ideas how I can make a cover to look sort of patchwork?
Lots of love

~ Lavinia ~

Dear Lisa,
Oh my goodness!! She is divine and so beautifully presented and wrapped. I knew she would be lovely but she is more than that. I love the feathers, the bows, the face, the clothes. In fact everything and worth every penny. As you can probably tell I am truly delighted with her. Thank you for all your hard work, she was well worth the wait. You are really an amazing artist – so very talented. I hope we may meet at one of the fairs in the future.
Once again many thanks.
Love Marianne x

~ Alice & Edward ~

I love this wee lady and I love Lisa Johnson-Richards work so much she can post it on my timeline when ever she wants because her art is so magical and intricate and just so transporting, it takes ones memories back to those wonderful books, those periods in history i.e. the Victorian, Edwardian times etc. So much research and skill is put into each tiny doll as one of the top experts in her field I am so proud to call her my friend.
Hugs to Lisa, the family and of course her beautiful fur baby who likes pinching fudge brownies
Love Julz xooxoxox

~ Victorian Lady ~

Hi Lisa
She’s over the moon with her, your such a clever lady………The dolls standing in pride of place on the front doorstep of the dollshouse where she can see her. Once again thanks very much Lisa……..
Best wishes to you and your family.
Love Joe x

Hi Lisa
What a wonderful creation yet again but I think she is the best so far. Everyone who has seen her has admired the exquisite detail in the costume and the artistry of her face is the face of someone you know? It really made my birthday special.
Love Deb x

~ Jane & Mary ~

Oh Lisa,
I am overwhelmed! I love the ladies so very much. They are just as I wanted……the colour of the reader’s dress is so beautiful and her face is so very delicately translucent. That pose worked really well! (I have another in mind a bit the same). She looks so lovely and contrasts the plainer lady excellently I think. I love both costumes and their shoes and boots…..in fact I don’t really want to seat the beautiful one with ther back to the onlooker or seat her three-quarters on….I will have to have her at the side so one can see her arm gently resting. The drapes on her lap just HAVE to be viewed. She is exquisite. I am well chuffed.
I hope you enjoyed making them too!?
Well Have a very Happy Christmas and a well deserved rest and I will look forward to more creations next year. I am aiming for four figures and maybe a bed to dress with a gown draped on top and of course my cot.
Lots of love to you and yours from one very very very satisfied customer who has a big smile on her face.

~ William ~

Dear Lisa
Yes! I am floating somewhere in 7th Heaven. The parcel arrived and I just got back from fetching it from the post office. I could not wait and opened in the car parked in front of the post office. I am sure I had the biggest smile when I opened it. Oh Lisa, you have made me so happy, he is just magnificent. You know that I appreciate absolutely everything you put into your dolls. He is simply exquisite. Christian’s photographs are always perfect for me but I must say I don’t think a camera lens can capture all the finery in painting and costume. He is exquisite – the brightest eyes, his perfect hair and his clothes. Just exquisite.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dolls
and your true friendship.
Best Regards from a

~ Edward ~

Oh Lisa,
I managed to call into the office in between duties to collect your parcel and all I can say is ‘wow’!!! He is absolutely, totally and amazingly perfect in every way!
I ADORE him!!! Your dexterity in such a small scale is truly wonderful. I love every detail – his face is gorgeous, the colour of his hair, his hands moulded just perfectly and as for his little shiny lace up boots… what can I say?
His hat is so beautifully made and you have matched the colours for his outfit better than I thought possible. And (yes I’m afraid there’s more!!!) I really appreciate the addition of the teeny pearl buttons – they really finish off his outfit beautifully. I cannot wait to sit him in the tearoom tonight and see him in situ.
Thank you so much – I can see that you have worked exceptionally hard to recreate my design in every detail.
I am over the moon!
Lots of Love from a very happy Nicola xxxxx

~ Flower Seller ~

Dear Lisa,
The flower seller is simply a work of art. Even Dad was amazed and he normally just looks and says its nice. You really wowed (don’t know if there is a word like this) me with her.
It is the best Christmas present ever. All wrapped beautifully with tissue and ribbons. I always worry that I don’t know the right words to describe them and to express what I mean and how much they mean to me. Your doll art is the finest I know and I am privileged to own a few of your dolls.
Love Ingeborg

~ Mary Poppins ~

Dear Lisa,
Mary Poppins arrived!!!
I tested her in the dolls house while my daughter was asleep, and I can’t describe what a thrill I got.
She is just magic! She makes the whole house come alive.
I am so grateful to you for making her.
You have made a christmas I am sure my daughter and I will always remember.
Happy Christmas Lisa,
Kindest Regards,

~ The Parlour Maid ~

Hi Lisa,
Just a very quick note to say thank you for helping Clive to surprise me with “Jane” my parlour maid. She is stunning and will have pride of place in the doll cabinet until my house is ready for her.
Thank you again
Love Wendy x

~ Adèle & Simon ~

Dearest Lisa,
They are here…about 45 minutes ago the doorbell rang and the lovely lady from the post handed a small parcel
over to me…I was so excited…after I had opened the box, I took the whole content out of it and peeled the tissue paper carefully
off layer by layer…I saw part of Simon first and when he was revealed I was speechless, oh how speechless I was!!!
Simon is amazing, more than that, it is actually difficult to find words to describe how beautiful, detailed well perfect
the doll is, there are so many things I love about the doll, the way you draped the scarf, the boots with the open laces,
the amazing satchel with the lovely color pencils on the side… the hat, the incredible hat AND the face expression, the eyes
…perfect, it is all perfect.
I peeled off the last layer of tissue paper and there was Adèle….again I was speechless…amazing work, amazing work!!!!
Adèle is all so pretty, the curly, wavy hair and the hat, what can I say about the hat…just like in the book with the big brim
and the beautiful brown silk bow, the coat is wonderful, everything really everything is perfect.
Adèle and Simon are at the French Boulangerie and Patisserie with Claudette right now, I think they are having a macaroon or an
almond croissant. I will take pictures this weekend and I will send them to you and if you want you can publish them on your
Lisa you have created art at its best and I cannot thank you enough for it. Adèle and Simon are a wonderful addition to my
collection and I will treasure them forever.
Have a wonderful afternoon and lets talk soon again!!!
Big hugs

~ Emma ~

Dear Lisa,
Yesterday Emma has arrived safely. She is absolutely lovely and very elegant but as my daughter is not allowed to see her now (Emma is a Christmas present for her) she cannot move into her new Regency home yet. But I am sure Christina will be absolutely delighted (she is very excited and curious already) and will send you a picture right after she has unwrapped her on Christmas eve.
Thank you for giving us so much joy.
With best regards

~ Mary Poppins ~

Dear Lisa
Mary is here! I went to pick up at the post office this afternoon and believe me she is exquisite in the flesh. The fineness of your work blows my mind away!! Every little detail is magnificent. I am so happy and if you were at home I would have loved to call and say thank you. You made my month after seeing Mary
I am jumping for joy!!!!
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart,
she IS perfect in every way!!!
Hope all of you are having the time of your life!
Best Regards

Ms Emilia

Dear Lisa,
I picked Ms. Emilia up from the post office on fri.
She is so lovely and enjoying her new home on my desk. I’ll send a pic of her soon so you can see how nice she looks.
The box she was in was a pleasant surprise and I will store it with my other keeper boxes, I also thought the “royal” postal stamp was cool too. Thank you, Lisa!
Looking forward to the little girl please plan to put her in your order book for me.
Hope your vacation is wonderful!
Love to you, Ronda

~ Mr Collins ~

OH dear Lisa,
I have the best surprise today. I LOVE HIM. I just love the way you have done his hair, all curly at back and lacking a bit in the front. His face is great, he has that kind look but with a bit of…well….dandyish or maybe smarmyish…. just right. He does remind me of the real Mr. Collins. Could just imagine him jumping out of his chair and doing that waspish dance. Hee hee. He is a real character. You have exceeded yourself. I am ABSOLUTELY delighted with him. I just have to crack on with the house. (Well I am but it takes so long to do the bits of building work). I am really enjoying it though and doing things I never would have thought I’d do. I have also embroidered some tiny cushions and a bell pull but have only made up one cushion so far.
Anyway a BIG BIG THANK YOU for my man!
You’ve wowed me again.
Bye for now
Love Elaine

~ A Polish Nobleman ~

Oh, Lisalein,
He is here in perfect condition and I could gush for hours! Wow, oh, wow. Well done, hardly covers it. I must have photos sent (taken) to show him. You got him perfect, the beard is exactly right for the style of the 1600’s.
His boots! Absolute perfection. Your art on the face has such life and character. A young, sweet, manly face.
I could hardly wait for my husband to get home to see my new addition, your wondrous doll. He looked at your creation and said that he recognized him from the movie. Wow, see your attention to detail and hard work got the attention of another admirer as an artist (Bob isn’t really into miniature dolls but he is most impressed with your work!)
I can’t thank you enough for your hard work! Thank you, thank you for taking such trouble. I’ll treasure this doll. I do wish you could visit American. You have a home in California any time you’re interested.
Warm regards (a delighted customer and friend)

~ Victorian Ladies ~

Dear Lisa,
They are both lovely. Just as I imagined them to be. May I say as lovely as the pictures are, they are even better in real life.
Thank you soooooooooooo much.
Thanks and hugs,

~ The Aldersey Family ~

Dear Lisa,
The Aldersey family have arrived in Perth. I carried the parcel into my house. Heart pounding, almost forgetting to breathe, I put the presentation box down gently on the sitting room carpet, anxious in case I dropped any of the dolls. The floor was the safest place.
I looked into the box and taking one by one,
carefully opened the tissue wrapped parcels, each tied with a champagne coloured silk ribbon.
Martha appeared first, her face looking up demurely from under her cream cap; one hand on her hip, the other hand clutching her shirt, the raised folds revealing a glimpse of her petticoat and neat leather shoes. Dressed in shades of apricot, with tiny lacings up the front of her bodice and a long apron protecting her skirt.
Mistress Aldersey was the next person to emerge, wearing an elegant black silk gown; the skirt parted in front to show the crimson underskirt and padded shoulder rolls slashed with the same colour. A black headdress covers the back of her hair and her lovely face framed with a perfectly pleated ruff. On her cream partlet she wears a magnificent ruby brooch edged with diamonds and pearls.
After gazing at her for a few moments in admiration, another parcel was opened and there was Rauff Aldersey. He is an imposing figure in his black silk doublet and padded trunk hose, slashed with grey, the front of his doublet fastened with black shiny crystal buttons.
Two tissue-wrapped parcels remained in the box and the larger of the two held Ellen Aldersey. She is a beautiful girl, with gentle expressive eyes, inherited from her mother. Ellen’s hair is uncovered and, as it is naturally wavy, fine tendrils curl at her forehead and around her ears, with their pearl earrings. Her gown is black, with a blue underskirt and blue trimmed shoulder rolls, and her cream blouse is trimmed with silk and edged with a white ruff at the neck and cuffs. She too is wearing a beautiful jewelled brooch and a pendant. The pomander hangs down from the green ribbon tied around her waist.
The final parcel contained Robert and the fact that he was the last one was somehow appropriate, as it was his telling of the story about Ellen that was the inspiration for the dolls. He is a lovely little boy with a mischievous expression, wearing a miniature version of his father’s clothes.
Lisa I am so delighted, they are all even more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined at the beginning of this adventure.
Thank you so much!
Love Liz x

~ Darcy & Whickham ~

Dear Lisa
Thank you so so much for the lovely dolls. I am absolutely thrilled with them. Such detail down to the littliest tiniest buttons on Mr. Darcy type man’s coat. I think he is very sexy and most handsome. You have managed to do so much detail on the soldier and his sword attachment. I think it is superb. I have stood them in my house just to see what feeling I got and it is just as I imagined. There is a light shining through the windows at the back and you can see the wispy curls on the forehead of the man. Something special. I think we have some winners here. I am so lucky.
I would have rung you but did not want to disturb your evening.
Thank you once again you talented one.
Love Elaine

~ Gossiping Ladies ~

Dear Lisa,
Just got home yesterday and opened my ladies. Exquisite! I love the colors you selected and I love their facial expressions, the fatty cheeks… and wrinkles- the way you captured their graceful aging, and the way you delicately painted them. I can’t wait to finish the tea room and decorate around them. The attention to detail of their dresses- the hand stitching- the ties on their boots- their necklaces and jewelry-the folds in their dresses- I can even imagine if I opened their purses I would find compacts, hankies and cash!
I am delighted with your ability to hear my ideas and take them into a miniature reality for two gossipy ladies watching a young couple in love at my tea shop.
Thanks again so very much. I very much appreciate all the work that went into these miniature to scale character dolls.
You are one very talented lady.

~ Two Edwardian Ladies ~

Dearest Lisa,
I just wanted to follow up our phone call and say thank you again, for my beautiful dolls. The more I look at them the lovelier they become. They have brought my house to life!
With kindest wishes,
P.S. I hope Sophie the dog is behaving herself.