Our New Life in the Country…

September 14th, 2015

Sold LJR

Change is afoot, we are sold, we are leaving our ‘home sweet home’ to follow our dreams of a new life in the country…


We have happy memories living here for the past 17+ years, Rebecca was born two days after we moved in, she was 4 weeks early… !

Kitchen 2 LJR

Our kitchen really is the ‘heart’ of our home we’ve had many a celebration in here and lots of conversations around the table…

Kitchen 1 LJR

Hard to believe this was once a dingy hole open to the elements, I can remember my knees buckling putting the oak beam in with Mr. JR…

Living Room LJR

This was the first room we renovated, Mr. JR sanded the original Victorian floorboards, breathing life back into them, I love Mr. JR…

Our Reading Room LJR

Our reading room, this really is my favourite room, its had a dramatic overhaul from what it once was, Mr. JR and I love sitting in here…

Christian's bedroom LJR

Christian’s bedroom… I sanded the drawers, made the headboard, painted the clock and furniture in Farrow & Ball, my one weakness…

Rebecca's bedroom LJR

Rebecca’s bedroom… with beautiful French furniture it truly is a room fit for a Princess, don’t you agree…?

Our Guest Bedroom LJR

Our Guest bedroom has such a cosy feel to it with its crisp white bedding and frills… oh I do love a frill…

Our Master Suite LJR

Our Master Suite, poor Mr. JR renovated our loft single handed, it almost broke him but we love it and we’re thrilled with the results…

Dad & Denby LJR

We are all going to live in the country, Dad and Denby are coming, we are all very excited…

Christian & Rebecca LJR

These two are coming, though Christian is going off to Newcastle Uni, its okay I know he’ll be home most weekends with his dirty washing…

Sophie LJR

And, the naughty one is coming too, I only left the room for two minutes to get matches to light the candles. Ooh its all very exciting…


Keep watching for updates on our big move.
Meanwhile, this is my new email address…

New SignatureB

~ “My life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments” ~

14 responses to “Our New Life in the Country…”

  1. Carlanne Marie says:

    This is so exciting….cannot wait to see your new place! xxx

  2. Lisa ♡ says:

    Aww thank you lovely Carlanne and ‘welcome’ to my blog… xoxox

  3. Angelika says:

    You will never regret. Living in the country is great. I am really excited about your new home. You will certainly turn it into the perfect family nest. And your dogs wil love it too.

  4. Lisa ♡ says:

    Thank you Angelika, we are all very excited I must say, we just wish it had happened when my Mum was still alive x

  5. Susan Shultz says:

    I am so very excited for all of you. Be sure to post lots of pictures. Especially the “b4 and after”.

    Love to all…..

  6. Lisa ♡ says:

    Hello Susan, lovely to see you here and thank you for taking the time to comment! Oh yes don’t worry we will – promise… xoxox

  7. Francois says:

    Dear Lisa

    It was wonderful to see one of your blog posts again – especially this one beaming with good news. The pictures of your beautiful home were a treat to see.

    I am looking forward to future posts of you and your family’s new adventure. I won’t even be surprised if I page through an issue of The English Home in the near future to find one very beautiful article – showcasing your good eye for making a fine home

    All the best to you and Mark, your Dad, Christian, Rebecca, Sophie & Denby – wonderful new beginnings. Your Mum will be there in good spirit all the way I am sure of it!

  8. Lisa ♡ says:

    Morning Francois,
    Aww thank you dear friend for such heart felt comment… it is truly appreciated. I am pleased you enjoyed reading my post about our current home and looking at the photos so much. Thank you also for your lovely wishes for new beginning too Francois, you are so very kind and a constant support which is always appreciated x

  9. Terry says:

    This is sooo good to see! Anticipation is the word Lisa! You’re ‘now’ beautiful home that you and Mark have worked so hard to complete is a credit to you. You won’t miss it though because your next project is all about a new chapter, new decor..country life and community…hope same furniture! Best of all your family/Sophie. Warms the heart to know your dad, and Denby will be there too! Agree with all Francois has said…you’re mum would be so chuffed xxx

  10. kimberley says:

    so very lovely looking forward to following it xxxxxxx

  11. Lisa ♡ says:

    Hello lovely,
    Aww Terry what a lovely comment… filled with such beautiful words which mean so much to me, thank you dear friend xoxox

  12. Lisa ♡ says:

    Hello and welcome to my blog Kimberley and, thank you for your lovely comment too it means a lot, and as you know I love your fabrics and style xoxox

  13. Alison Dodds says:

    Beautiful house! I am sure you will make your next project equally breathtaking Lisa

  14. Lisa ♡ says:

    Oh WOW Alison coming from you that is indeed a compliment, thank you xoxox

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