A Very Warm Welcome to All of My New Followers…

November 10th, 2009

Arrive as followers and leave as friends!!!

Its been yet another super, super busy week in the J-R’s, I’ve been merrily working away on orders and boy has the time flown. I’m NOT complaining mind you, because its great to have orders, they mean I can be a stay at home Mum AND I also get to ‘work’ on something I LOVE – creating dolls. Of course, the money is good too and it never comes in wrong, its the ‘jam on the bread’!

Anna with her Bear...

Anna with her Bear...

I’ve just finished a little sleeping girl ‘Anna’ with her beloved bear, actually, I created three, the one in the picture went to the US, another went to South Africa while the third is going to Norway.

Looking closely you can see her eyelashes...

If you look closely you can see her eyelashes...

I’d like to give a warm welcome to all of my new followers. A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow…………………………………………….
William Shakespeare

Lisa x

2 responses to “A Very Warm Welcome to All of My New Followers…”

  1. Teresa says:

    Lisa, your dolls are just gorgeous . . . I should know! LOL! This little girl is so precious!

    How did it turn out with your car? It’s such a bummer to have to put money into it at this time of year, but hopefully that will be the end of it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  2. Lisa says:

    Dear Teresa, how could I have missed this post, thank you so very much for your lovely comment… your words are truly appreciated. Thank you x

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