A Warm Welcome…

May 14th, 2011

… Hello, I’d like to offer my warmest …
……. to all of my gorgeous new followers …….

… Stay a While Special Friends …
& if You like my blog… please do leave a comment
.. next to gorgeous hearts… comments may be my one weakness ..

Lisa x

Love doesn’t make the world go round…
…Love is what makes the ride worthwhile
~ Franklin P. Jones ~

2 responses to “A Warm Welcome…”

  1. Terry says:

    Dear Lisa, I LOVE your hearts and the bed you dressed – I really could jump right into that bed! you do have the midas touch! I’ve been very busy with my dear old dad xxx

  2. Hi Terry,
    Thank You… I hope your Dad is ok..? Sending well wishes your way
    Lisa xxxx

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