The Love Letter………….

June 13th, 2010

SOLD …’Emma’ my latest creation… SOLD

She is reclining while dreaming of her sweetheart having read his beautiful penned letter……

Wearing a pretty empire style dress of fine lawn and a silk chiffon overlay, silk slippers with real leather soles complete the ensemble… a style very in keeping of the Regency period of 19th Century England.

Tiny ringlets fall gracefully around her face… I think you will agree she is quite beautiful……

Currently, she is available for sale, however, she will be sold on a first come basis.

Any enquiries, please do e-mail me by clicking the link below:-

Lisa x

“Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream.”
~ Anon ~

9 responses to “The Love Letter………….”

  1. The Old Maid says:

    She is beautiful! Great face and the body blush:)

  2. Anthoula says:

    She looks so peaceful…She dreams of her sweetheart…

  3. Thank You Anthoula 🙂

  4. contar says:

    Realmente es una belleza creo que es uno de sus mejores trabajos sin duda.
    un abrazo

    Really it is a beauty I believe that it is one of his better works undoubtedly.
    An embrace

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank You Contar 🙂

    Hugs, Lisa x

  6. Terry says:

    This letter written sweet and true,
    from my love, I think of you,
    These curls I tend and keep in style,
    just for thee to make you smile,
    soon my face and your’s will meet,
    and you’ll sweep me off my feet – in silk slippers with real leather soles! Terryx

  7. Terry,

    What a beautiful poem… you have such a talent :o)

    Sending you hugs, Lisa xxx

  8. […] At the back of the room Emma is reclining on the chaise dreaming of a visit with her aunt where she will meet her sweetheart again, in her hand his love letter to her. Meanwhile, the ladies maid has been putting linens in the cupboard. Read more about Emma here… […]

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