A Mother’s Pride…

April 28th, 2010

Where has the time gone?
I’ve been so busy renovating… while working on doll order’s along with dolls to sell on my web site… I blinked & almost three weeks have passed without my posting a thing! By way of an apology, I thought I’d share with you, something very precious to me…

This is my youngest, my daughter Rebecca, she is desperate to be a model…!
Sick of her constant begging & pleading, finally after a year I gave in and asked a friend’s daughter, who is a professional model and also a keen photographer if she would take a few pictures of Rebecca.

Thinking, a friendly ‘photo shoot’ would fill her curiosity but, I also thought because Rebecca is so quiet and she appears to have no confidence I thought she would hate the attention it would bring and thus, she’d would decide not want to take it any further… but no
{errrr… wrong}
she loved it and I think you will agree considering this is her first ever time in front of a camera, she really shines!

The pictures above & below were taken during the Easter holidays in a play park which was “full” of parents, children and older boys… and posing while having her picture taken didn’t bother her at all… in fact to my surprise, she was very confident in front of the camera.

We sent the pictures off via e-mail to a leading modeling agency at 10pm on Friday evening and before 9am Monday morning we received a phone call inviting Rebecca along to do a to ‘test shoot’ to see how she reacts and cope’s around strangers and also to see if her personality shines through…

My little princess has her fingers tightly crossed that they will decide to take her on their books and represent her, she also has any money she will earn ear marked already! I wonder who she takes after?

Lisa x

“Do not regret having lost yesterday…
Do not fear that you will lose tomorrow…
Enjoy today.”
~ Robert Ingersoll ~

7 responses to “A Mother’s Pride…”

  1. Anthoula says:

    Lisa this is great! Rebecca is a beautiful girl and the shots are very charming!
    You must be very proud! Congratulations and good luck!!!!

    Mini hugs

  2. Th Old Maid says:

    She is a beautiful girl! And she’s got a fab smile! You surely must be proud of her 🙂 Congrats and good luck to both of you! 🙂

  3. Hi Anthoula,

    Thank You, I think Rebecca is beautiful too… but I do wonder if I’m a little biased 🙂

    Hugs, Lisa x

  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much – I’m so proud of her… 🙂

    Hugs, Lisa x

  5. Terry says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th follower Lisa! I wondered if your Rebecca has ever had ballet lessons, because I heard of a tip for repairing the scratched and damaged tips of ballet shoes – put a little foundation (makeup) on the back of a warm spoon @ rub on – it’s supposed to match the colour and also reseals!TerryX

  6. Kathryn Carrington says:

    I love your work. And, you have a lovely daughter. I am sorry to hear that you are encouraging her in modeling. Please think about this. From experience I know that this is not a good world for a young girl. It can do a lifelong number on their self esteem, force them to focus on their looks as their only source of value, and as you know, one is never pretty enough.

  7. Lisa says:

    Dear Kathryn,

    Thank you for your kind words about my dolls, work and my daughter.

    I understand your concern regarding Rebecca modelling. I too had concerns, please allow me to explain….. I am not so much ‘encouraging’ her in to the industry rather I am ‘supporting’ her with something she has longed to do. Soon she will be sixteen and Rebecca can become a model of her own free will, joining a reputable agent now, with me behind her supporting her all the way, I think is better than her rebelling in to modelling when she is old enough to make the choice alone.

    Together, Rebecca and I chose an agent who is ‘right’ for Rebecca and not the other way around… she has strong beliefs which we agree with. Rebecca felt very comfortable with Leah and confident.

    Of course no one knows what the future holds, I too am speaking from experience when I say the modelling industry can be a hard industry, however, I hope with my support Rebecca will not go down the road unfortunately so many models do, that said…. I my heart, I believe Rebecca is more happy with the status ‘model’ rather than actually being a model… make sense?

    Thank you once again for your comments, they are hugely appreciated.

    Lisa x

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