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April 1st, 2010

I’ve not had much time to update my blog lately, so I thought I’d explain what I’ve been up too…! Over the past six years my hubs and I have done a lot of major renovations to our Victorian home… starting with a loft conversion and progressing on to a large kitchen extension.

Sanding The Stair Treads with My Little Helper…
(The Stain Can Be Seen on The Back of the treads, but this will be painted so only a light sanding was required)…

At the moment, were working on the hall, landings and stair cases. I don’t mind telling you at one point during the past few weeks, I wish we’d never started. While Mark was stripping and sanding the floors, I’ve been stripping and sanding the staircase treads… all by hand, using only small hand tools.

The Hubs (My Other Little Helper) Sanding the Door Frames…

Currently Mark is stripping the horrible wood coloured paint off the door frames… he’s been working on them for 3 days now. I really don’t know what would possess anyone to want to paint a faux wood paint over such beautiful wood… but hey ho!! And the mess… oh my, its absolutely horrendous and the darn stuff gets ‘everywhere’!!

The Half Landing…

Meanwhile, even sanding the stair treads didn’t remove the stain from the center of the stair treads, something which was a fashion trend in the 1900s, in an attempt to strip it away, I’m bleaching them… I think its working albeit very slowly though… as I am on to my 14th attempt, we ache all over, but I keep telling myself and Mark, it will be worth it!

One of The 7 Chandeliers I Have Boxed Away…

I’m really hoping that soon I will be able to take the 7 chandeliers I’ve had for 3+ years in storage, out of their boxes and hang them up from the ceilings… and I’ve my eyes on a beautiful grand mirror for the first floor landing and a lovely console table and mirror for the hall… actually my mind is swirling round with lots of ideas… I think I may be getting excited!

Lisa x

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much…
And go where your heart takes you!!!
~ Anon ~

3 responses to “Home is Where the Heart Is…”

  1. Terry says:

    Up the stairs and down the stairs my tiny feet would go, this sanding bit is just the trick but oh it is so slow, keep on I say because one day those steps will look a treat, I’ll hang my chandeliers in style, and they’ll shine on floors so neat! TerryX

  2. Hi Terry,

    What a wonderful poem… from a wonderful person 🙂

    Thank you for writing it for me – you always cheer me up!!

    Hugs, Lisa xxx

  3. Anthoula says:

    Lisa, I have an award for you! ;-))

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