Rest & No Play…

March 2nd, 2010

Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and wishes regarding Sophie, she is doing well and sleeping peacefully as I am typing this…

Good news the x-rays were inconclusive in that they didn’t show up anything too worrying. The vet gave Sophie ‘strong’ anti-inflamatory pain killers, which are helping to ease the pain. She has to have complete rest and that means no running, no playing and certainly no walkies for 6-8 weeks! We take Sophie back to the vets in two weeks by which time she should be improving. If there is no improvement, then she has to have further tests.

Six to eight weeks rest… I ask you… and how do we explain that to Sophie? It may sound easy but believe me, she is such an energetic dog who lives to play, run and have fun. Its not easy making her rest even now when she’s lame, never mind as the pain killers start to kick in and she is feeling better. Poor, poor little Sophie…. “Rest & No Play”…

Still it is good news… and were very hopeful it Sophie has just a sprain!

♥ Have a Wonderful Day Everyone & Thank You for your Kind Wishes! ♥

Lisa x

“Distance tests a horses strength.
Time reveals a person’s character.”

~ Chinese Proverb ~

11 responses to “Rest & No Play…”

  1. contar says:

    It is a pleasure to listen to so good news, assurance that recovers soon.
    An embrace

    Es un placer escuchar tan buenas noticias, seguro que se recupera pronto.
    un abrazo

  2. Lisa says:

    Dear Contar,

    It is good news, I am very pleased! Thank you again for your kindness.

    Hugs, Lisa x

  3. Anthoula says:

    Really great news!
    Good luck with keeping Sophie in the house…

  4. Hi Anthoula,

    It is great news… 🙂

    Sophie isn’t even aloud to run in the house 🙁 if she follows us up the stairs and she always follows me, everywhere, I have to hold her collar and make her walk down… imagine ;(

    Poor Baby.

    Hugs, Lisa x

  5. Jain says:

    What a beautiful looking dog Sophie is Lisa. Hope it is nothing more serious than a sprain. Good luck with the resting !!! Jain xx

  6. Hi Jain,

    May I wish you a warm Welcome 🙂

    Day one of rest and she is acting the fool pinching anything to get some attention – I don’t know how we will get her through 6-8 weeks of so called rest… lol…

    Thank you for your good wishes, hopefully they will be heard by Sophie and she listen’s lol

    Happy Days!

    Lisa x

  7. Natalie says:

    Always good to hear ‘good news’. Hopefully in a couple of weeks she is fully recovered!
    I’m so happy for you!
    LL Nat :~)

  8. Terry says:

    Well, that is better news for Sophie, we’ll keep our fingers crossed – such a face! Obviously it’s important to keep Sophie quiet but I’m always amused when the vet says this, good grief it’s almost an impossible feat- good luck Lisa! TerryX

  9. Hi Nat,

    The limp has gone, but poor Sophie is going stir crazy, she is desperate to play and doesn’t understand why were not playing with her.

    I’m more convinced than ever she has just a sprain now, which is great news indeed.

    Hugs, Lisa x

  10. Hi Terry,

    I think you were right – it does look like just a sprain after all…

    The vet said if we couldn’t keep her quiet she would have to go in a cage… imagine?! A cage?!!

    Its killing her not to play & I think she is wondering what she has done wrong 🙁

    I think she is worse when the children or Mark are around her, she seems to be more quiet when there is just Sophie and I… they go to school soon, so she should sleep the rest of the day 🙂 but this is only day 2 lol… & were all going stir crazy lol

    Hugs, Lisa xxx

  11. The Old Maid says:

    Hi Lisa! There is the award waiting for you on my blog – hope you will like it!

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