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March 30th, 2012

It is with great Pride and Pleasure I am able to share with you a selection of comments from my new Testimonial Page.
Here within this post are just a few of the latest wonderful emails which I’ve received from my lovely clients.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do…

~ A Letter From Father ~

Dearest Lisa,
I received a notice that there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office. With jittery excitement I retrieved the package and came home to open it. The mother and daughter have arrived and are sitting up on a shelf so that I can see them often before they go into their conservatory. I love, love them. Loving faces and true tenderness.
My dearest friend you are an extraordinary miniature doll artist. The wee rosebuds on the dress are gorgeous! You have made their story believable they are reading a letter from their beloved husband and father who is away in the Great War 1914-1918. There is a longing in the mother’s eyes as she shows her precious daughter the letter from her daddy. Love. Love. Love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dear caring work.
Love Sue

~ Violet, Alice & Edward ~

Dear Lisa,
The best part of today was the news that customs released your parcel and it was waiting for me at the post office after I finished work. It is the best thing ever to get two parcels from you in one week!
It is like Christmas.
Receiving two dolls from you not only gave me the enjoyment of your pure talent but also your diversity. Lisa, I was so pleasantly surprised with Violet. In this case the photo’s do not show all your hours of fine work. The hat is too exquisite, the choice of earrings, the most beautifully painted face of an older lady, the wrinkles next to her eyes unbelievable. I will be able to write a whole essay just on her face alone. Her arrival got a few moments of absolute silence.
The dress is just incredible I don’t know how you do it, the draping and the fine work under the dress that you always give attention to. Her shoulder line, the way you posed her to sit with one hand which you sculpted to embrace the cane like a glove. Her addition to Peacock Park is a like a Royal event. That is the feeling I get when I look at her. I cannot be more happier than what I am now.
Oh yes and the way she holds the lace handkerchief.
Thank you.
To see how beautifully you capture old age is one thing but the beauty and innocence of youth by you just underlines your fine and sensitive talent for creating dolls – I am speechless. You must be blowing the doll magic sprinkles with a little doll wand – the one that consists of hours of artistic dedication. The slippers, they are very cute and beautifully made. Her face is unbelievable. So real and perfected to another level. They really DO look like REAL little humans. I love all the fine detail and the white fabric is beautiful. By the way the fabric of Violet’s dress was chosen by an expert eye.
This message comes to you filled with appreciation and happiness from me. I will take pics tomorrow so you could see them settled in. PP would be an empty shell without your dolls Lisa.
I wish I could get a parcel from you every week.
From Francois.

~ Jane ~

Dear Lisa,
My Jane has arrived, she is more beautiful in reality than in photos. She met up with Elizabeth and Darcy and a happyily ensconsed in the foyer of the art gallery. I have taken photos for you, but have not had time to upload them to my computer as yet. As soon as I figure that out I will send them to you.
Thank you so much she is beautiful and I am thrilled.

~ The Crib in Situ ~

Dear Lisa,
As promised, I am pleased to show you pictures of the crib and your dolls in situ, they look just as I imagined them to look in the Nursery.
Nanny has taken Baby out of the cot and is handing him to an Aunt who has just come visiting. As always the clothes are so beautifully made with such detail. Both the figures have a gentle warmth in their expressions creating absolutely the right atmosphere in a child’s Nursery. I am so pleased as always.
Love Elaine

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Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.
~ Anonymous ~