Merry Christmas… ♡

January 1st, 2016

Christmas Wish for blog 2015

It was a mad manic run up to Christmas here at Marr House…
so much so I completely forgot to do my Christmas post, but better late than never – right…?
Wishing you one and all a very Merry Christmas
from our little home to yours… ♡

New SignatureB

“The best gifts around any Christmas tree are the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other”
~ Burton Hills ~

Happy New Year…

January 7th, 2010

Just popping in to wish you all a very happy start to 2010!

I’m sorry I’ve not posted in what seems like forever, its been a very busy time in the Johnson-Richards house hold…

good friends

We had a wonderful Christmas, I received everything I’d wished for and more… I’ll write and tell you a little more about it later!

Our New Year was a quiet affair, however, its exactly how we like it and it was spent with those we love, doing what we love, followed by a midnight walk with the hubs, in the snow…. ‘Perfect’.

The children went back at school on Tuesday, however, the current weather conditions have forced their school to close, so they are both off school today and at home with me… that said, they are both out sledging at the moment.

Speaking of sledging, we all went sledging up at the farm where we ride this past Sunday, then, the snow was around 2 feet deep… having spoken to Pam yesterday evening, its twice as deep now! We had several hours of fun and lots of fresh air, followed by plenty napping later that afternoon!

Deep snow up at the farm this past Sunday...

Deep snow up at the farm this past Sunday...

Snow filled fields... so picturesque...

Snow filled fields... so picturesque...

The roads were still fairly clear on Sunday...

The roads were still fairly clear on Sunday...

However, its not been all good this holiday season, unfortnatley, I’ve been plagued with a sore shoulder, arm and hand for around 3 – 4 weeks, I’ve lost a lot of sleep and I’ve not been able to do many of the things I’d planned: like working on orders, updates on my blog etc. I don’t mind telling you its been fairly painful.

During the past 5 days the pain moved into my neck, its been excruciating and I’m completely exhausted as I’ve not been able to find a comfortable place to rest. A visit to the Dr on Wednesday morning revealed I have a ‘Cervical Disc Prolapse’… which in layman’s terms is a slipped disc in my neck. I had Physio yesterday which helped ease the pain for around 20 minutes… so as you can imagine I’m pretty fed up! Whilst the pain killers prescribed by my Dr don’t really help either, they do wipe me out… so at least I am able to get some sleep!


As you can imagine, I’m not really a terribly Happy Bunny at the moment… AND I’ve been forced to break the first of my new year’s resolutions… the one about work… “Get In & Stay In A Good Working Routine” . On the other hand, I’ve also been forced to tackle a few more resolutions on the list, ones like… “Listen”, “Rest” and “Do as I am told”… things, if I am honest, I don’t do terribly well… but I am trying, so I guess its not ‘ALL’ bad is it?!

Lisa x