Better Late than Never…

April 10th, 2010

Mum & Rebecca’s Paste Easter Eggs…

A Belated “Happy Easter” to everyone.
I’m so sorry not to be updating posts as frequently as I would like, we are still very busy with renovating the hall, landings and staircases… Easter actually came and went without either Mark or I even realising it…!

Mark’s making progress with the stone flooring…

Were working so hard trying to get it all finished in time for the arrival of the decorator in a little over a week. Mark’s been going to work while I’ve been working on my doll orders, and together we’ve been working in the evenings and weekends, we’ve not been sitting down to eat dinner each night before 10.30pm.

Freshly varnished landings and stair treads, only 3 more coats to go…!

Currently, Mark is laying marble tiles in the hall and I’m varnishing the landing floors and stair treads… there are only 3 more coats to go! I’m pleased to say I think were making progress, although there is still so much still to do. We have to put skirting boards and door frames on, fit the spindles and the list continues…
I hope we can do it in time, although I fret we may have to postpone it a week…?!

The original landing floor lovingly sanded & with its first coat of varnish…

Mum and Rebecca made paste Easter Eggs last weekend not only did they had lots of fun making them, I think you will agree, they look absolutely wonderful… well saying who my daughter takes after on the creative stakes!

Rebecca’s Paste Egg Princess…!

Meanwhile, as Christian is of the age whereby he is way too cool to paint hard boiled eggs, he’s been entertaining himself practising on his electric guitar and helping my Dad in the garden.

Christian helping his Papa, in my parents garden…!

Well that’s my break over for now… I really must go and get on with my dolls. Once Mark finishes up this evening, I have to put another coat of varnish on the original stair treads… but please do check back often as I am hoping to release some dolls for sale very soon…!

Have a great weekend whatever your doing!

Lisa x

“Without ambition one starts nothing…
Without work one finishes nothing.”
~ Emeron ~